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The first Season of the Mirage Project started in 2020. It includes six videos, with almost one hour of total running time.


You can binge-watch Season 1 below. Put on a pair of good headphones, kick back and take off.


Enjoy the ride! 

The six movies of Season 1 dive into different worlds, ranging from futuristic cities to deserted machine planets.


On a deeper level, these journeys circle around fundamental human questions: What is our place in the cosmos? What are our hopes and fears? What promises and threats do our future hold?

Season 2, starting in the fall of 2022, consists of eight new Mirages. The videos with their bespoke soundtrack continue the journey, diving even deeper into the digital realm of the Mirage universe. ​

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The Mirage's soundtracks are out now and available stream/buy on SpotifyApple MusicBandcamp and all digital music platforms.

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