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A digital concept album


“We were working on the music and the visuals in parallel, to make sure that both elements support each other in an optimal way,” explains Michael.


The process was laborious: “We were using software that generates highly complex fractals. Some of the formulas took a week to render one minute of video,” says Roger Mäder, who created the beautiful raw animations of the Mirage Project.

Once the basic visuals for a world were generated, Michael started to edit the video and, at the same time, write the music. The  whole production process took 18 months.


“It was our vision to create something like the concept albums of the 1970’s”, says Michael. “I grew up with these beautiful records, with artwork and music that supported each other. We wanted to do something similar, using today’s digital technology. The Mirage Project is our modern interpretation of a concept album”.



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