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Album Season 2

The new album is available to stream/buy across all digital music platforms.

The album contains the soundtrack of all eight Mirages of Season 2. The tracks have been written and produced by Sonarpilot, in parallel to the videos, with the goal to make the music and the visuals support each other optimally.

The tracks range from electronica to neo-classic. Each track is a sonic journey, a perfect companion for a train ride, for a walk through a city, a stroll out in nature or comfortably at home on your sofa.

"We wanted to release the album at the start of the new season to give the listener the opportunity to imagine the trips that the music takes you on", explains Michael Moppert, the creative head behind Sonarpilot. "Over the course of Season 2 we will follow up with the full Mirages, with visuals that hopefully will match or surpass your own imagination."

So, grab a pair of good headphones and dive into the world of Season 2 of The Mirage Project. We wish you a colourful journey!

Stream/buy the whole album on these platforms.

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