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Michael Moppert

Michael is an electronic musician and producer who lives and works in Switzerland and France. He is the main creative head behind Sonarpilot.


Growing up musically in the 1970s, Michael opened a recording studio in the 1980s. At night, when the studio was not booked, Michael worked on his own material, using extensively digital technology, samplers and synthesisers. Towards the end of the 1980’s his sound was losing the typical song-structure, tracks became longer, increasingly technoid, ambient and experimental.

In the early 90’s Michael founded a successful software company that kept him busy for almost 20 years.


After leaving the software industry, Michael returned to music-making at the tail end of the 00s. He created Sonarpilot, his musical alter ego and since then has been releasing a steady stream of critically acclaimed electronic music. 


In the last ten years, Michael has worked closely with London based producer and DJ veteran Jonny Miller. Together the team initiated the label Sonarpilot Audio to publish Michael's work as well as a range of highly recognised music by electronic music artists from around the world.

Roger Mäder

Roger is a Swiss animation specialist and movie producer. As a boy, Roger got his first 8mm camera. Quickly he became fascinated with any kind of animation or special effects. As a teenager he began to work with professional formats, 16mm and 35mm film and continuously expanded his knowledge in the area of production technology and special special effects.

In the mid 1980s Roger began to explore digital animation technology, 3d-modelling and rendering techniques. In the early 1990s he started his own company, focussing on 3D-animation. The next 15 years he he was involved in a wide range of technologies, reaching from game design to complex internet software applications. 


In 2006 he started his own production company. He produced feature films, documentaries and worked in several TV productions. In parallel he produced material for Getty Images and continuously deepened his knowledge in the area of visual effects, including topics such as motion tracking, 3d-camera-tracking or compositing. 


In 2018 Michael got in touch with Roger and together they began to explore the possibilities of fractal based computer-animations that ultimately resulted in the visuals of “The Mirage Project”.


Jonny Miller

A professional since 1997, working in the field of electronic music as a DJ, Producer and Engineer, Broadcaster, Label Manager and Event Manager.


Throughout his career Jonny has worked as an Ableton Live specialist, providing bespoke, high-quality DJ and music production services to music production schools, professionals and enthusiasts from around the world.

Jonny has been the label manager of Sonarpilot Audio for over ten years.


He runs his own Threesixty Music imprint and works regularly with clients such as Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio 6 Music / Worldwide FM / Brownswood) Goldie (Metalheadz), Subjective, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1Xtra, BBC Radio 6 Music, Apple Beats1, DJ Spoony's Garage Classical, Redlight, Seiji, B.Traits (BBC Radio1) and Victor Simonelli. Also creatives such as film director Chris Cunningham and the team at Radium Audio along with global brands such as The Southport Weekender, Mi-Soul, Suncebeat, Ministry Of Sound and Soul Candi in South Africa.

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