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Sonarpilot - Season Two Interviews (2022 / 2023)

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BUZZ MUSIC - Interview - Jan 5th 2023

"We invite our audience to join us on audiovisual trips that take them out of their everyday reality to explore wondrous worlds deep in the digital realm..." - Sonarpilot

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VENTS MAGAZINE - Interview - Nov 11th 2022

"For me personally, this is the most important work of my creative career. I am at a stage of my life where I no longer care too much about trends..." - Sonarpilot

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ESSENTIALLY POP - Interview - Nov 16th 2022

"We’re sitting here, with our brains locked away in darkness and silence in our sculls – yet we experience a world that is so rich, so filled with all kinds of sensory impression..." - Sonarpilot

Sonarpilot - Season One Interviews (2020)


"I recently got together with the wonderful

Musicis4Lovers online magazine to lay out my ten favourite, most inspirational pieces of music.  The sounds behind the vision of the Mirage Project..." 


"I was honoured to talk with DMC World

in November, a deep dive into The Mirage Project about the project and the production of the videos, DMC truly are an institution in the world of electronic music..."


"January 2021 i spoke with Wildsound Music & Film Festival CEO Matthew Toffolo about the creative process behind the project and my thoughts on winning a Production Design  Award at the festival this year..."

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