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What is time? 

There is nothing more powerful than time, nothing more enigmatic. Like Shiva, the Supreme Hindu God who creates, protects, and transforms the universe, it is the ultimate creator and destroyer of all things.

Welcome to "Kronos", the latest episode of the Mirage Project. Kronos is a meditation about time, how it bends and stretches, how it dominates everything in our lives and in the whole cosmos - and how, ultimately, it is just an illusion.

Kronos is a journey to the ultimate timekeeper, hidden deep in the Mirage Cosmos. This enigmatic device creates time, sculpting and flexing its very nature, moulding its velocity, orchestrating its myriad of layers.

Although the journey takes us close to its source, the tantalizing grip on time's essence remains ephemeral, slipping through our fingers as we endeavor to capture its essence.

The soundtrack for 'Kronos' is available to stream/buy via Sonarpilot Audio from Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and all digital music platforms

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