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Liquid Sky Pt. 2

"Liquid Sky, Part II" marks the second phase of a journey into a realm of constant transformation.

Change. Nothing stays constant. In the ever-unfolding tapestry of our existence, transformation stands as an unwavering principle. We navigate the dynamic continuum of our lives, where nothing remains static. From the relentless march of time to the rhythmic dance of relationships, from shifting seasons to technological progress, change surrounds us, shaping our expedition. Embracing this reality empowers us to adjust, learn, and thrive as we navigate life's ever-changing currents.

The Mirage Project's latest double release, "Liquid Sky," celebrates the conclusion of Season 2 in our explorations through the Mirage universe. The initial part of this ultimate journey took us to a realm of perpetual motion and development. The subsequent part delves deeper into a world of colors and shapes that are on the verge of merging into abstraction, prompting us to question what lies behind the shapes and colors we see—and what comes after we travel through that part of our personal cosmos.

In this thought-provoking culmination, "Liquid Sky" invites us to embrace transformation as an integral part of our extraordinary expedition, mirroring the ever-evolving essence of life itself."

The soundtrack for 'Liquid Sky Pt. 2' is available to stream/buy via Sonarpilot Audio from Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and all digital music platforms

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