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Strange Flowers

"This Mirage explores a world where nature and biomorphic technology are about to converge. Highly advanced machines embrace the beauty of the natural world in an elegant, post-technological dance, somewhere in the distant future. In the end, however, nature will always surpass artificial structures in its ingenuity and beauty..." - Sonarpilot

In this world, the boundaries between the natural and the artificial have been blurred beyond recognition. Gene splicing and robotics have been pushed to their limits, resulting in strange new life forms that are neither fully organic nor completely synthetic. These hybrid creations, with their half-machine, half-plant bodies defy all traditional notions of life.


Their limbs are made of new compound materials, with integrated digital circuitry like artificial nerves weaving in and out of their flesh, while their leaves and petals shimmer with a metallic sheen. They move in a fluid and graceful manner, almost as if they are dancing to an unheard rhythm. They exist in a realm that is neither fully alive nor fully dead, and their very existence raises questions about the nature of life itself.


These hybrid creations are about to take over all life on a distant planet. Once useful to their unknown creators they have started their own evolution and overrun all other life forms. As they move through their strange world, they leave behind a trail of uncertainty and unease, a stark reminder of the long-term risks of technology that has run out of control.

The soundtrack for 'Strange Flowers' is available to stream/buy via Sonarpilot Audio from Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and all digital music platforms

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