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MC4 v3

The Mirages emerge

"When we saw the first animated fractals come out of the rendering farm we were excited. The animations looked stunning", says Michael Moppert, the creative head behind the Mirage Project. 

"But we wanted to go beyond the immediate attraction of these animations. It was our goal to create a story, a journey into these worlds”, explains Michael. So he started to arrange and edit the material.


"Over time a narrative flow began to emerge. It was as if each of the six world would slowly rise from behind a cloud. That's why we called them mirages", Michael says.

"Today, they each have their own very distinct character and story, a theme that they explore", Michael concludes.

The soundtrack

The soundtrack for each of the mirages was created in parallel with the visuals.

"I started with a rough first edit of a selection of animations and played around with different musical ideas to see what might work best. Then I went back to the video edit with those sketches, and so forth. It was a very iterative process", explains Michael.

"With this approach I was able to sync the visuals and the soundtrack in an optimal way. The process was slow, but very satisfying. It took me about two months for each mirage to go from that first draft to the final video edit and the full soundtrack", says Michael. 

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