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Get ready for the beach!

Before heading for the cool mountains or the breezy beach to escape the summer heat, load up with the latest explorations of Sonarpilot!
Today we have a brand new Mirage, an exhibition of digital art in New York City, an interview and a fresh podcast for you to enjoy...

Visit the Quantum Factory...

Let's start with the latest Mirage that we just released. It's called "Quantum Factory" and it will take you on a journey into the heart of the subatomic cosmos that lies right below the surface of our familiar reality.

"Quantum Factory" envisions a futuristic trip deep into the mind-boggling subatomic domain, ruled by mysterious principles such as quantum superposition and entanglement - the birthplace of all matter. In this enigmatic world, energy particles flicker in and out of existence within nanoseconds, governed by laws that elude our senses.

"Quantum Factory" aims to evoke a sense of wonder, reminding listeners of the immense complexity and interconnectedness of all things. It seeks to transport the audience on a sonic journey that ignites their imagination and offers a glimpse into the mysterious fabric of existence.

Sonarpilot NFT works on show in New York

Works from Sonarpilot's Secret Garden are currently on display at The NFT Gallery in New York City.

As a side project to The Mirages, I have recently been creating a series of NFTs. I call these short animations "Secret Garden," and they revolve around the theme of nature and technology. The inspiration for this series came from the latest Mirage, "Strange Flowers," and the posts I created on Instagram. The NFT Gallery discovered these works and invited me to participate in their group exhibition titled "Nature in the Digital Age."

I am honoured to be joined by a selected group of talented artists. I invite you to visit the show either in New York or online at

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Sonarpilot makes a return to the Rising Star Podcast...

And while you're heading for the mountain or the beach - here's a podcast for you: Kelly Hughes is hosting this wonderful show "Rising Star" and he invited me for an in-depth conversation about the Quantum Factory, the nature of the cosmos, and all things Sonarpilot. Kelly is a lovely host who has the ability to steer a conversation way beyond the usual cookie-cutter questions and answers into new and refreshing territory.

You can listen to the podcast here


Sonarpilot X The HYPE Magazine

Lastly, alongside the release of Quantum Factory, I've been taking another round of interviews with some of the more interesting, underground press platforms around the world. With a focus on urban music and modern pop culture, I was pretty interested in talking to The Hype Magazine - Our thanks to writer and Editor, Jerry Doby and our friends at Hip Video in the US of A!

Take a look here


As we mentioned in our last update, stay close to our Instagram for more behind-the-scenes content and if you've not heard it yet, the complete soundtrack for The Mirage Project, Season 2 is here.

"As always, thanks for your support! I hope you enjoy the latest Mirage..."

Peace! Sonarpilot


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