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Kronos: What is time?

There is nothing more powerful than time, nothing more enigmatic. Like Shiva, the Supreme Hindu God who creates, protects, and transforms the universe, it is the ultimate creator and destroyer of all things...

Welcome to "Kronos", the latest episode of The Mirage Project.

Kronos is a meditation about time, how it bends and stretches, how it dominates everything in our lives and in the whole cosmos and how, ultimately, it is just an illusion.

Kronos is a journey to the ultimate timekeeper, hidden deep in the Mirage Cosmos. This enigmatic device creates time, sculpting and flexing its very nature, moulding its velocity, orchestrating its myriad of layers. Although the journey takes us close to its source, the tantalizing grip on time's essence remains ephemeral, slipping through our fingers as we endeavor to capture its essence.

Evolving Kronos

This summer, I was invited to join a show at the NFT Gallery in New York, centered around the theme of "Nature in the Digital Age". I created a series of playful animations, working with time-lapse video of flowers and powerful primary colors.

When I started to create short excerpts from "Kronos" this fall, these strong colors found their way back into my work. In the past, I had not used such a strong color palette with its vibrant contrasts for the Mirages and initially, I was not sure if this was a productive route to explore.

But then I realised that in fact this is a perfect fit: Color, like time, is an ever-changing, elusive, and powerful illusion. Colors don't even exist in the world surrounding us. What we perceive with our eyes are electromagnetic waves within a narrow frequency band. It is our brains that fashion the illusion of colors. Ultimately, we remain uncertain about the world's true appearance.

Just as time can stretch and compress, colors can appear differently depending on our perspective and the context in which we observe them. They can evoke a myriad of emotions and associations, much like how the passing of time can bring forth nostalgia, excitement, or reflection. Both time and color are deeply ingrained in our human experience, offering a rich tapestry of sensations and perceptions that shape our understanding of the world around us.

Below are a few of those short iterations to illustrate these thoughts. You will find more on my Instagram channel - I hope you enjoy the clips!

[sound on!]


As we mentioned in our last update, stay close to our Instagram for more behind-the-scenes content. And if you've not heard it yet, the complete soundtrack for The Mirage Project, Season 2 is here.

As always, thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy the latest Mirage...

Peace! Sonarpilot


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