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Welcome to the bio-mechanical evolution

In the latest Sonarpilot mirage, Strange Flowers explores a weird world where nature and biomorphic technology are about to converge.

"Strange Flowers", the latest Mirage episode of season 2, explores a world where nature and biomorphic technology are about to converge.

In this world, the boundaries between the natural and the artificial have been blurred beyond recognition. Gene splicing and robotics have been pushed to their limits, resulting in strange new life forms that are neither fully organic nor completely synthetic. These hybrid creations, with their half-machine, half-plant bodies defy all traditional notions of life.

They exist in a realm that is neither fully alive nor fully dead, and their very existence raises questions about the nature of life itself and the long-term risks of technology running out of control.

Watch Sonarpilot's 'Strange Flowers' here


Sitting Down with Sonarpilot...

For nearly 25 years now, online culture curators Neufutur have been searching out and writing about the more daring, art-driven music and visual projects. Michael was excited to sit down recently with Neufutur's founder, Kim Muncie to talk music, AI and futurism... take a look here.

"I have always been fascinated by these large questions that we all have: Where do we come from? Are we alone in the universe? What is the true nature of reality?" - Sonarpilot


As we mentioned in our last update, stay close to our Instagram for more behind-the-scenes content and if you've not heard it yet, the complete soundtrack for The Mirage Project, Season 2 is here.

"As always, thanks for your support! I hope you enjoy the latest Mirage..."

Peace! Sonarpilot


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