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Bonus Resources: July 2020

"Fossil" is a piece of Science Fiction. As in all good Sci-Fi, there is a solid portion of Science that supports the fiction. Here are some resources that inspired us during the production of "Fossil".

But First: A huge Thanks!

Before we dive into the Science I would like to take this opportunity and thank you all very much for the great feedback we received after the release of our first two Mirages. We had a ton of lovely comments, lots of activity on our social media channels and many new subscribers to The Mirage Project.

This all means a lot to us and I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Michael - Sonarpilot

And now, let's get started with a mix of films that were inspiring to us while we were working on Fossil, three short movies that I think are truly awe-inspiring...

The universe is a BIG place

'You'll never get your head around how big the universe is,' warns astronomer Pete Edwards of the University of Durham in this impressive film about measuring astronomical distances. And in this vast nothingness - billions of galaxies... each with billions of stars. There are as many stars in the universe as there are grains of sand on the Earth...

Our tiny blue marble

On a dry lakebed in Nevada, a group of friends build the first scale model of the solar system with complete planetary orbits: a true illustration of our place in the universe, on earth, our tiny blue marble. A beautiful film by Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh.

Where is everybody?

Trillions of stars and even more planets - soo… there just has to be life out there, right? But where is it? Why don’t we see any aliens? Where are they? And more importantly, what does this tell us about our own fate in this gigantic and scary universe? A two-part video about the Fermi paradox, with fun animations and a fast pace:


The next Mirage Project video release...

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Till next time, take care!

The Mirage Project


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