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Experimental eye candy

In this edition of the newsletter, we invite you into The Mirage Project lab to check out some of the visual experiments we do behind the scenes...

World building

When we create the full length Mirages, such as the recent Citadel from season 2 of The Mirage Project, we generate a ton of short animations that we edit and ultimately combine to complete the mirage and there are so many ways we can tweak and manipulate things.

So, we take these short glimpses into our lab and experiment, find new ways to tweak and twist - recombine the raw materials into something thats always new. It's a bit like a painter in their studio, trying new techniques, finding new colours and textures.

Of course this work is a LOT of fun. Often, the results are surprising and - almost always, inspiring. Today, we wanted share some of these little experiments with you... These are all based on animations we used in the “Citadel” video, you'll likely recognise the features...

If you want to see more of our lab work, we regularly publish such experiments on the Sonarpilot Instagram - go follow!


Thanks for watching! Don't forget, if you'd like regular news from the Mirage Project, Sonarpilot is also on Twitter and Facebook and hey, if you haven't heard it yet, the complete soundtrack for The Mirage Project, Season 2 is here! It's a perfect set of headphone music to accompany you on a train journey, a fllight or a walk... headphones on, escape to new worlds ;-)

As always: Thank you so much for your support, we really appreciate it!

Stay safe, talk soon!

- Michael Sonarpilot and the Mirage Project team


Season 2 continues on January 27th with 'Gorgon'


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