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Gorgon - The Soul of a Machine

AI is taking the world by storm. Soon, there will be machines that show human-like intelligence. But will they ever have an inner life, a soul?

Gorgon is the latest episode of our award-winning series "The Mirage Project". It is a mesmerizing journey into the increasingly psychedelic structure of a massive bio-mechanical machine, a metal-inspired electronic reflection about the moment when the mechanical skeleton of a super-intelligent machine comes to life.


‘Gorgon’ echoes the explosive pervasion of our society with AI, our fascination and fears regarding the uncontrollable complexity of these systems, and the sparks of synthetic life that will soon emerge in these machines.

It is hard to fathom the essence of a truly independent alien intelligence that will emerge from a mechanical structure. It is profoundly alien - despite te fact that it has been created by humans. To illustrate this enigma, we have pushed the visual envelope of this Mirage very far. This journey is a machine on a psychedelic trip. We hope you enjoy the journey!


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And if you've not heard it yet, the complete soundtrack for The Mirage Project, Season 2 is here!

As always, thanks for your support - it means a lot to the whole team! I hope you will enjoy the latest Mirage, it has been made for you :-)

All the best - Sonarpilot


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