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Hazy Worlds - The new NFT drop from Sonarpilot

First of all – a very happy 2022! It looks like we're finally headed towards the end of the pandemic tunnel and we wish you that this year may embrace you with many wonderful new experiences.

Here, at Mirage central, we have been very busy – with NFTs!

Today, as a welcome gift to a hopeful New Year, we have four pieces for you that you can download for free HERE.

It's the first part of a collection called “Hazy Worlds” that we will continue to work on during the year.

The files are animated and come with their own short soundtrack. They are the same as the NFTs, just not on a blockchain. If you'd like to own a minted original, you can get one on .

Of course, we have also continued to work on the Season 2 of the Mirage Project! Six new movies are almost finished, we are in post-production, same with the soundtracks. But as they say: The devil's in the details, so it will take a bit until the full Season is ready.

We can't wait to release it and will keep you posted about the schedule.

Until then – I hope you have fun with the little Hazy Worlds we created.

The whole Mirage team wishes you all the best and, as always, we thank you very much for your support!

Michael, Roger & Jonny


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