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Out Now: Imperium - the fourth Mirage

"Sonarpilot is toying with the tools of sonic gods"


Today, we are releasing "Imperium" our fourth Mirage. Visually, it is probably one of the most ambitious journeys yet.

As always, we hope you like it and thank you very much for all your support and feedback!

Get in touch with us via our social channels, let us know what you think, we would love to hear from you!

Michael / Sonarpilot

The fourth mirage in the series, 'Imperium' is released, what's the story behind the amazing visuals..?

"Imperium is a trip into the microcosmos. It follows the journey of an imaginary quantum probe, starting at the macro-level in some futuristic, high tech urban sprawl. Then the vessel transmitting this video breaks through the surface into a strange, imagined sub-atomic world.

Everything we see and touch, our own bodies, our brains are made of a weird soup of particles that are governed by opaque laws that are completely foreign to us. Each of the roughly 30 trillion cells of our body is made of 100 trillion atoms. Each atom consists of mostly empty space and a few bizarre quantum objects.

This space is always present, right beneath the surface of our everyday existence - but strange, distant and forever inaccessible. What an amazing empire..." - Sonarpilot.

Watch Imperium here...

The Mirage Project soundtracks will be released simultaneously via the Sonarpilot Audio label on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and all digital music platforms.

You can stream/buy Imperium from Friday, September 4th here


Podcast Episode 2 is live!

In this month's podcast, Jonny and Michael discuss the visual and musical references of CodeX, the third video of The Mirage Project. They talk about the concepts and technology behind fractal imagery and do a deep-dive into the fourth Mirage Project video, Imperium.

Listen and subscribe to the podcast:

An mp3 of the podcast can also be downloaded here. here


Be sure to check us on Facebook for more news and follow Sonarpilot on Instagram. We'll be back in October with the next mirage, till then, take care!

The Mirage Project


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