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Out now: The first of the Mirage Remixes... plus an Interview with Jazzuelle

Welcome to the latest The Mirage Project update!

Hi there - I am Jonny Miller, label manager of Sonarpilot Audio...

Today we have something special for you - The first set of our remixes from season one of The Mirage Project lands on streaming platforms and stores.

Two amazing interpretations by Jazzuelle, one of the leading house musicians of South Africa.

Also included in this newsletter, there's news of an interview I did with Jazzuelle recently for the Sonarpilot podcast, read on! Enjoy!

The Mirage Remixed - Pt.1 - Jazzuelle Mixes

As we move into the autumn and prepare for season two, our label Sonarpilot Audio has created a wonderful short series of remix releases, sourced from the season one soundtracks. The three 'Mirage Remixed' releases will work across all six mirages, featuring some of Sonarpilot's favourite underground electronic music producers delivering their own unique takes on Sonarpilot's fractal worlds.

Part1 sees South Africa's Jazzuelle taking on 'Fossil' & 'CodeX' - reworked in a way only he can, deep, spiritual and otherworldly...

The Sonarpilot Podcast Episode 4: Our interview with South African deep house legend, Jazzuelle

With Pt.1 of the Mirage Remixed released, I linked up with Jazzuelle online recently for our Sonarpilot Podcast, to discuss the music, the Mirage Project, space and time...

You can stream the pod directly from Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Check it out below and subscribe for future episodes!

The Mirage Remixed Pt. 1 Jazzuelle Mixes is out now on Sonarpilot Audio, available to stream and buy on all digital platforms HERE

Till next time, take care, stay safe!

Jonny Miller

Sonarpilot Audio / The Mirage Project


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