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Season 2 picks up momentum: New Podcast and Interviews

Greetings, this time from me, Michael Sonarpilot, and my good friend and co-producer Roger!

After a very busy start of Season 2 we've been hanging out in Southern Spain, catching the last rays of the warm autumn sun for a few days and planning the next releases.

Today, however, we want to give you an update regarding all the things that have happened around "Pandora", the first episode of the new season. Our latest Mirage has been very well received: The track has been play-listed on multiple tastemaker YouTube channels and premiered on the mighty NM platform in the US.

Podcasts and Season 2 Features

Last week, I had the pleasure to be invited to the excellent Rising Star Podcast. In his show, host Kelly Hughes talks to 'today's most intriguing' musicians about their work. Kelly and I had a great chat. We are about the same age and got along like a house of fire. Below is a short out-take from the show. I hope you don't mind my stammering 😂 as I explain the insane rendering time and out-of-the-box methods used to create the Mirage Project visuals...

You can check the full-length Sonarpilot episode of The Rising Star Podcast, here - and if you feel like it: drop them a follow and show your support on Apple Podcasts by leaving a five-star review! We'd really appreciate that :-)

VENTS Magazine visits 'Pandora'...

Another great opportunity to discuss Pandora was an interview with the renowned online music and culture curators VENTS Magazine. Here's a short excerpt:

How do you believe the visuals for the “Pandora” music video match the song’s meaning?

"The starting point of “Pandora” was a bunch of pretty raw animations that our rendering farm produced. They were much wilder than anything we had done in Season 1, and I loved their energy, but they needed a narrative frame to structure the experience. One day, one of the machines spat out a sequence with this strange object, that looked almost like a box. And that was it: I knew we had found the gravitational core for this Mirage...

“Pandora” is a trip through that cloud of weird and evil things, just moments after they have escaped from the box. And in the end, we also find the box. Now, the question is: Is it empty or does it still contain hope? I think it’s a perfect story for our times..." - Sonarpilot

Read the full interview here

Thank you to everyone who's watched the videos and helped us get here! After such a long period of detailed work and preparation for Season 2, to see people's reactions to this next step of the story has been priceless.

More news soon, including what's around the corner in episode 2 of this new season... Till then, take care! Peace!



The Mirage Project, Season 2 soundtrack by Sonarpilot is out now on Sonarpilot Audio:


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