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Season 2: The first previews!

It's been a loooong wait, we know. But finally, we have completed all videos for the new season of The Mirage Project.

And here are the first impressions of what we have been working on all his time. Enjoy - we hope you like it :-)

(Don't forget to turn on the sound for the video preview below)

Season 2: 8 new videos, 6 years total production time, one fantastic voyage

There are going to be eight new Mirages in Season 2, with a total running time of about one hour. The creation of the raw animations took almost 40'000 hours of total rendering time - that's about 4.5 years (well, we did that on about 20 machines, so it was faster ;-). This was followed by another year of video editing and several months to write the soundtracks. And voilà... we're (almost) there.

We still need to do a few things before we can start the new season: Our friend and sound magician Martin Iveson aka Atjazz will master the soundtracks and give them their final sheen. The website needs to be updated and we need to prepare various formats of the videos for all the platforms they will be distributed to.

We are very excited about Season 2 and we hope you like the preview! We tried to push the envelope and make the worlds we visit even more mysterious than in Season 1, creating an even more fantastic journey.

We will be back soon with more news. Until then, I wish you all the best, and thank you very much for your interest in The Mirage Project!

Greetings and kind regards from the whole Mirage team!


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