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Sonarpilot releases "CodeX", the latest episode of the Mirage saga - plus the first Podacst

Hello, this is Michael from Sonarpilot. Welcome to the latest news edition of The Mirage Project. As always the whole team would like to thank you all for the ongoing support of the project, the great feedback and love we've seen on social media - and a special welcome all of our new subscribers!


The third of six mirages from Sonarpilot, 'CodeX' has been released...

Marking the Mirage Project's midway point and unique within the family of mirage videos, CodeX looks inward at the human understanding of our place in the cosmos.

"CodeX is a bit like a quiet meditation", explains Michael. "In these troubled times, it is important to free our mind of the clutter and noise of the daily news cycle. CodeX invites the viewer to a quiet place, away from our daily routine that helps us to relax.

"Since our earliest existence, we humans have tried to understand the universe around us and our place in it. Looking back, our historic interpretations of the cosmos seem quaint or primitive. Today, we believe we are at the threshold to solve most of those mysteries. We look for the ultimate world formula, hoping to finally crack the code of the cosmos. But almost certainly it will just take a few hundred years and most advanced theories about these fundamental questions will look as outdated as the old vellum bound codices of medieval alchemists.." - Sonarpilot

You can buy/stream the audio track 'CodeX' by Sonarpilot exclusively throughout August at the Sonarpilot Bandcamp store, the full audio release will follow on Sept 4th via Spotify, iTunes and all leading digital music platforms.


Episode 1 of our new monthly Podcast is live, getting underneath the skin of The Mirage Project and into the mind of Sonarpilot...

In episode one, Sonarpilot Audio label manager, Jonny and Micheal Moppert aka Sonarpilot discuss the history of Sonarpilot Audio, the development of The Mirage Project and its fractal world videos.

Michael recommends books, podcasts, music and film that have inspired him and provides insight onto the unique production process behind The Mirage Project.

You can listen and download the podcast via Spotify, Soundcloud and Mixcloud, with additional platforms being added over the next few weeks.


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More news soon, till next time, take care!

- Michael Sonarpilot and the team at The Mirage Project


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