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Welcome to the Citadel

The second episode of Season 2 takes us to a mystic Citadel, a labyrinth of towers and spires that slowly fall into a maelstrom of dust and memories.

Welcome to the Citadel - The official teaser now online!

Our journey continues on Friday 9th of December with the second instalment of The Mirage Project, Season 2 - Citadel

We invite you to take a sneak peek and watch the teaser below that gives you a first impression of this latest trip into the strange and beautiful cosmos of the Mirage Project.

"In this Mirage we have pushed the visual boundaries beyond all the journeys that we have created so far. Citadel is a place where the laws of nature cease to exist as we enter an increasingly dreamy, abstract composition of shapes and colours. It's a new chapter for us and we hope that our viewers will enjoy this exceptional voyage, " says Michael, who has composed the images and the soundtrack of Citadel.

Catch the online premiere of Sonarpilot's 'Citadel' on the 9th of December - Stay close to our social media channels for news


Pandora - a great start to the new season!

The Mirage Project had an excellent start into the new season. We are very grateful for your support and the wonderful feedback we received for the first episode of Season 2, Pandora and the release of the soundtrack album.

We'd also like to send a huge thank you to anyone who's watched the video over the last few weeks, listened to the album, left comments and followed us on our social media channel. We also welcome all the new subscribers to our newsletter - we're very happy that you joined the Mirage community!


We finish today's newsletter with a

Brand new Sonarpilot Interview

Essentially Pop is a very cool site that is always looking for new artists, music and culture.

Michael Sonarpilot sat down with writer Lisa Hafay to talk music, art and life.

"We’re sitting here, with our brains locked away in darkness and silence in our sculls – yet we experience a world that is so rich, so filled with all kinds of sensory impressions and above us is the vastness of the cosmos, below us the mad realm of subatomic particles – isn’t that all just amazing? What is really going on here..!?" - Sonarpilot

Read the full interview here

That's it for today, till next time, enjoy the videos and take care, all! Peace!

Michael, Sonarpilot


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