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Wrapping up 2022!

Seasons Greetings!

The long evenings of the last days of the year are perfect to explore new worlds. I hope you've enjoyed the first two trips that we've released so far, "Citadel" and "Pandora". You'll find links and more information as well as a new interview in today's newsletter...

Recently, I was asked in an interview why I am doing this - creating these weird videos, working hundreds of hours for a journey of a few minutes. Honestly, I am not really sure. But I feel that the universe is such an amazing place. The fact that we are put on this beautiful planet with our strange brains that reflect on the nature of the cosmos never ceases to amaze me.

I like to create experiences that nourish this sense of wonderment. Hopefully, our Mirages make you stop for a moment and gaze at the sky with a fresh look and ask yourself what might be out there. I'd love that!

I thank you very much for your support in 2022 and wish you all the best for the New Year - with many interesting journeys.

Kind regards - Sonarpilot


The very cool tastemaker magazine Skope recently featured "Citadel". You find the full piece with an interview here

"In this Mirage we have pushed the visual boundaries well beyond all the journeys that we have created so far. ‘Citadel’ is a place where the laws of nature cease to exist as we enter an increasingly dreamy, abstract composition of shapes and colours, a saga of transience. It’s a new chapter for us and we hope that our viewers will enjoy this exceptional voyage.”

- Sonarpilot

And of course - here's the full "Citadel" video. And hey, if you like it - share it with your friends. That would be wonderful!


Don't miss episode 1 - Watch "Pandora" now

We started the new season of the Mirage Project with a truly epic voyage: A journey into the mysterious home of Pandora. According to Greek mythology, Zeus sent Pandora with a box of gifts to punish humanity for the theft of fire. As Pandora opened her box, all the evils of the world escaped. Only hope remained in the box, well hidden in a faraway place – or deep in everybody's soul.


Don't forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and if you've not heard it yet, the complete soundtrack for The Mirage Project, Season 2 here!

Have a great holiday season! We'll be back soon with new Mirages...


Your Mirage Project team


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